Sales Order Process

Vendor Number: 502421800

  • Customer will be assisted by an associate who will fill in the Sales Order Worksheet (this will include the customers details) using the order numbers on the back of the worksheet
  • The associate will use the store's internal system to process the order and take payment from the customer
  • Once payment has been processed, the Sales Order Worksheet will be given to the store's designated associate (typically accounting or office staff) to submit the order to Canadian Spa Company using the the Dropship Order Form found on
  • When received by Canadian Spa Company (typically 24-48 hour processing time), the order will be entered into the system, details verified, and a sales confirmation will be sent to the store for validation. 
  • Canadian Spa Company will then contact the customer to discus delivery

    *Spa delivery timeline will vary based on lead times available on the merchant hub *